Shipping and Returns Policy

The Shipping and Return Policy contains the sole policies made by Creative Ecommerce Ventures Private Limited ("Company") in connection with new desktop and notebook computer systems ("Product/s") sold by the Company.
Creative Ecommerce Venture’s Sales Policy is to sell CyberPower PC (and any other products listed on the website) products through authorized resellers only. No person or business is authorized to sell via the products without express contractual agreement with the company
  1. Your order is processed immediately after you submit your order (complete checkout), however, this does not mean it is ready to be shipped. CyberPowerPC systems are all built by hand so there is a number of steps including production and testing which could take from a minimum of 5 to 10 days to have your order ready for shipping.
    This estimate of 5 to 10 days is a typical timeframe for a majority of the year however, there are exception periods that might extend this time to as much as 20-30 days. This includes holiday periods where orders are expected to take much longer to fulfil.
    Preorder and backorder items may extend the ship date and will not be reflected in your shopping cart or order, however, we will notify you by email of these exceptions within the first 24 hours to ensure you understand the circumstances.
    Before contacting sales or customer service regarding your order status or if you are wondering "where is my order,” "where is my shipment", keep in mind the following:

    Custom PC Configurators: 4 to 5 Weeks (after order placed)

  2. exclusively ships within India, we do not offer international shipping services.
  1. CyberPower PC does not offer refunds or returns. To learn more about our warranty, visit the article Warranty Policy for details.
  2. If your order has arrived and something is missing or wrong, please make sure you check the items that you have received against the information on your Packing Slip and/or your Order Confirmation document.
    • 1. Refer to your email order confirmation for further details.
      • Missing Items - If an item appears on the Packing Slip and/or Order Confirmation document but hasn't arrived, your order may have been shipped in multiple packages your items may still be in transit.
        To see the status of your entire order and verify if there are additional packages still in transit, you can contact us at [email protected]
        If you can't locate a missing item or need assistance, please contact CyberPower PC Customer Support.
      • Wrong Items - If the item you ordered is listed correctly on your Packing Slip and/or Order Confirmation email, but the item actually delivered is incorrect, please contact CyberPower PC Customer Support.

Please check our FAQs for any questions you might have, or contact us-

Sales Phone Number
Call our specialized sales staff to assist you with your order at +91 7718801588.

Sales Email
Email our specialized sales staff to assist you with your order at [email protected]