Creator Series Gaming PCs

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Creator Series Gaming PCs

Professional hardware for all content creators, graphic designers, & game developers. Over several years we've learned exactly what it takes to build high quality gaming and streaming systems. Let CyberPowerPC build you a streaming PC that takes your stream to the next level.

Creator 700 Gaming Studio PC

Creator 700 Gaming Studio PC

Windows 11 Home Intel® Core™ Processor i7-14700KF ADATA 16GB DDR5/5600MHz RAM ASUS TUF Gaming GeForce RTX™ 4080 Super 16GB GDDR6X MSI PRO Z790-P WIFI DDR5 Motherboard 2TB Kingston SNV2S/2000G (PCIe Gen4) NVMe M.2 SSD

Creation Hardware
Creators in Mind

Creation Hardware

Intel Processor + Nvidia GPUs

Built with creators in mind, get the best performance for your gaming or creation needs. Stream and create content with speed with hardware that won’t keep you behind.

What To Consider

For each component when building a PC for Gaming/Streaming or Video Creation.


The Processor is one of the most important parts of any gaming and streaming PC. Most games utilize the GPU more than the CPU. However, in order to stream your favorite graphically intensive games and stream at the same time, the CPU must be powerful enough to run multiple programs simultaneously. A CPU that is Multi-threaded and multi-core are the go to today, the higher the better is best to handle the split workload between the game, streaming and running any other applications like OBS (Open Broadcaster Software).

Graphics Card

The graphics card (GPU) is one of the most important components in any PC like the CPU. It’s the source of getting the best possible performance in demanding games. It can be the real difference maker in the amount of FPS you get in your favorite games. The GPU can also help the CPU with encoding so you can broadcast your stream using hardware acceleration.


RAM (memory) can help with running programs simultaneously. So as there isn’t any major requirement other than for a specific game. Having more memory can help make sure you don’t run into any issues when trying to run muitlple programs while the stream is live and gaming. 16GB is becoming the new norm for PC games today so always better to have more for other applications.

Storage Space

Storage space, no matter if you stream or not, is very important because games can quickly take up space. Game files take up more space now then ever before, so having the most storage space gets rid of that headache. If you want to make videos for YouTube, this can also be important to store those raw video files or video editing projects.

Load times can also be a factor when choosing the right drive. An SSD (Solid State Drive) is the best solution to have much faster load times than a standard HDD (Hard Disk Drive). If you plan to stream, game load times is definitely something to think about. It can also help Windows boot faster if the OS is installed on an SSD.

Designed for the needs of today’s gamers.
Core Architecture

Designed for the needs of today’s gamers.

Newly optimized hybrid architecture and industry-leading technology enable you to go beyond gaming and creation.1 From progressing in-game to advancing in real life, Intel® empowers you to be your best self. 


Unleashes the capability to optimize the latest games and gaming software.


Provides multitasking power to work, play, and most importantly game together.

Overclock with ease

Overclocking allows you to custom‑tune your PC performance. With Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility, it’s easier than ever.2

Game smarter

Expanded Intel® Smart Cache sizes accelerate your processor for stable gameplay and higher, more consistent FPS.

Designed to Give You Superpowers

NVIDIA Ada Lovelace Architecture
Ahead of its time, ahead of the game.
NVIDIA Ada Lovelace Architecture

Ahead of its time, ahead of the game.

New Streaming Multiprocessors

Up to 2x performance and power efficiency

Fourth-Gen Tensor Cores

Up to 4X performance with DLSS 3 vs. brute-force rendering

Third-Gen RT Cores

Up to 2x ray tracing performance